Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shoutbox Feature

At the bottom of the right hand column I've added a Shoutbox feature to the blog for those of our viewers who might like to leave a word or two, who may feel too shy to make a comment, or even to use as a chat with people who may be online with you at the same time.

I've tested the Shoutbox and it works. The little + sign on the bottom right opens an options window for some smilies. Go ahead, have some fun and give us a shout.

BEWARE: This blog's Admin WILL delete abusive messages. We hope to be a family friendly site and anything uncool will not be tolerated. Remember, kids and teens like to chat and shout, predators and pervs like to pretend they are kids. So if you see any suspicious 'shouting' going on, leave a comment here or drop me a line ( and I'll put a stop to it by removing the feature if need be. We're not here to promote lewd or illegal behavior. We're here to promote Project Santa, we are here to get a job done--support for our troops. Capice?

We'll see how it goes. [/rant by your blogger]

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