Thursday, October 25, 2007

Items To Donate

Project Santa 2007 – Supporting our Troops for the Holidays

Suggested Care Package items

Food Items

Instant coffee

Tea bags

Non-dairy coffee creamer

Powdered Gatorade

Powdered hot chocolate

Kool-Aid (presweetened)

Slim J8ms and Beef Jerky

Crackers and easy cheese

Chex Mix

Cookies (packaged)

Single servings of bagged chips or other snacks

Little Debbie Snack Cakes

Rice Krispie Treats

Dry Cereal

Microwave Popcorn

Granola Bars

Power Bars

Dried Fruit

Tuna or chicken (canned or in a pouch)


Oatmeal in packets


Hard candy

Bubble gum

Fast food condiments

Canned or instant soup

Ramen noodles

Ragu express

Kraft Easy Mac

Canned fruit

Canned beans and franks

Fruit/Jell-o cups and puddings


Goldfish crackers

Potato stix (small cans)

Practical Items

Cards and Letters from home

AT&T phone cards


Clorox wipes

Baby wipes


Toilet paper

Small bottles shampoo/conditioner


Body wash

Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Dental floss


Eye Drops



Foot powder

Nail clippers

Small packs of tylenol/motrin

Small flash lights

Paper and envelopes


Paperback books


Disposable cameras

Mini fans


Electronic hand held games

Portable CD players

CDs and DVD’s

All occasion blank note pads/cards

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shoutbox Feature

At the bottom of the right hand column I've added a Shoutbox feature to the blog for those of our viewers who might like to leave a word or two, who may feel too shy to make a comment, or even to use as a chat with people who may be online with you at the same time.

I've tested the Shoutbox and it works. The little + sign on the bottom right opens an options window for some smilies. Go ahead, have some fun and give us a shout.

BEWARE: This blog's Admin WILL delete abusive messages. We hope to be a family friendly site and anything uncool will not be tolerated. Remember, kids and teens like to chat and shout, predators and pervs like to pretend they are kids. So if you see any suspicious 'shouting' going on, leave a comment here or drop me a line ( and I'll put a stop to it by removing the feature if need be. We're not here to promote lewd or illegal behavior. We're here to promote Project Santa, we are here to get a job done--support for our troops. Capice?

We'll see how it goes. [/rant by your blogger]

Avatars for Project Santa

Those of you who would like to do some networking for Project Santa may like to use the logo and avatar I made for your websites or blogs. Feel free to copy/paste them to your MySpace, Facebook, etc. pages.


I embedded our link or you can add it to your site yourself.
Whatever works for you.

Thanks for your support!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sharon Says It's So!

Ricky Lee will be playing a benefit concert in Houtzdale on Friday, Nov. 16th at Electric Avenue.

She writes...
Support our Troops - Project Santa - Benefit Concert

Irvona, PA - Ricky Lee and the Mustangs will headline a benefit concert to be held on Friday November 16, 2007 at Electric Avenue, Houtzdale, PA,at 9:30 PM.

The concert is $10 at the door and any donations will be accepted as well. All proceeds will be going to Project Santa for care packages to be sent to troops serving overseas and care packages to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

It is important to support the defenders of our country. They are making a great sacrifice for us.

Project Santa was was formed in 2004 to mail packages to our troops overseas. It is done in memory of PFC Bradley G. Kritzer who was killed in Baghdad May 5, 2004. Bradley's parents, Roger & Sharon and his sister Jennifer Kauffman are asking for your help this year in support of Project Santa. So come on out to the concert, bring a friend and have a great time.

So bring a friend and have a great time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have a call in to Justin at the Ave for further details. He can call me back and we'll get him some free publicity here. So send our blog link to all your friends. And check out Ricky's website to hear five of his songs online. (FREE!)

We can pack the house, I know we can!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ricky Lee in Houtzdale?

Here's a teaser folks....
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Sharon will get back to me soon with more details.

4th Annual Project Santa

Project Santa 2007

Presented by Roger & Sharon Kritzer- Gold Star Parents

September 29, 2007

It is time for our Fourth Annual Project Santa. Our mission is to show appreciation to our soldiers for their sacrifices that they make each and every day. We want them to know they are missed and that they are always in our thoughts and prayers. What they are doing is important and they help make it possible for all of us to live in freedom and peace.

Project Santa was started at Fort Hood, TX in 2004 by Tracy Lee Tracy the FRG Leader. We joined the project with her in 2004 and sent tons of support for the troops in Iraq. We raised over $20,000. and sent over 1000 packages. In 2005 and 2006 we took Project Santa on ourselves and we did it in memory of our son PFC Bradley G. Kritzer who was killed in action May 5, 2004 in Baghdad, Iraq.

Each Christmas we make a big effort to send packages to our troops overseas and to our wounded in the states. This will be the fourth year we have done Project Santa and we are hoping it will be a great success. The purpose of this letter is to ask you to contribute to Project Santa to help defray the cost of postage, items for packages and expenses.

This year we are also sponsoring a concert by Ricky Lee, one of the best new Country Entertainers, a Nashville Recording Artist,( who will be going to Walter Reed Army Hospital at Christmas time to perform for the wounded soldiers and their families. We plan on taking gifts to present to the wounded when he does his concert.

Please join us today. Your support is needed. Thank you for whatever you can do.


Sharon Kritzer

Gold Star Mother

Make checks payable to: “Project Santa

Mail to: Roger & Sharon Kritzer, 1246 Ansonville Road, Irvona, PA 16656

Phone: 814-672-3734

Project Santa 2007

Project Santa is asking for your help during the upcoming holiday season. Packages will be sent to our soldiers deployed in Iraq and to the wounded at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Ricky Lee ( one of the best new Country Entertainers will be presenting a concert to the wounded and their families and presenting them with gifts. Please help sponsor this concert to help make the holidays brighter for our wounded soldiers. Also we need help with items for our deployed soldiers. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of our soldiers, to those deployed and to those in the hospitals. You can donate items or make a monetary donation to help defray the cost of postage and expenses. Items can be dropped off at: Stuckey Ford & Stuckey Subaru, Hollidaysburg – Leyo’s IGA, Coalport ---Double K, Flinton – Clear-Care, Old Town Road, Clearfield --- Philipsburg True Value, Philipsburg. --- Galactic Ice of Altoona.

The final drop off date is November 21. If you need items picked up contact Roger & Sharon Kritzer – 814-672-3734 – – address: 1246 Ansonville Road, Irvona, PA 16656

Please make checks Payable to : “Project Santa

Thank you for your support !!!!!

Items for wounded soldiersCards/letters of encouragement, DVD movies/CD’s, lip balm,
hand held games, puzzle books,
A very popular item needed is gym shorts –lg, xlg, navy, black, gray
Phone cards, Burger King Coupons, Personal hygiene items,
deodorant, shampoo, lotions, razors
Pizza Hut Coupons, McDonald Coupons, Lounge Pajamas – lg,
xlg- T-Shirts – lg, xlg in gray or black
Items for deployed soldiersCards/letters of encouragement, Beef Jerky, Trail Mix/Chex
Mix, Canned Fruit, Sunflower Seeds
AT&T Global Prepaid Phone Cards, Packages Cookies,
Cereal Bars, Nuts, Sun-Maid Rasins, Pudding Packs
Chewing Gum, Pop Tarts, Granola Bars, Hard Candy, Cup of
Soup, Tuna Kits, Pringles, Peanut Butter
Other Needed ItemsDisposable razors, Q-tips, Hand Sanitizer, Deodorant,
Kleenex tissues/pocket packs, Motrin/Tylenol, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste,
Brown towels & washcloths
Shampoo (sm bottles) Lifesavers, Dental Floss, Nail
Clippers, Eye Drops, Cough Drops, Sun Block, Plastic Utensils, Duck Tape,
Puzzle Books, Flashlights
Sunglasses (Black) Writing Paper, Paperback Books, Pens
& Pencils, Batteries (AAA, AA,C) Battery operated fans,

Project Santa is done in memory of PFC Bradley G. Kritzer

Son of Roger & Sharon Kritzer

Killed in Action in Baghdad, Iraq, May 5, 2004